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Wedding Dress Day

Posted by pamela on January 5, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Today we decided to go look for a wedding dress.  Yes, just look because we have no idea what kind we want.  We walked into David's Bridal to a frienzy of activity.  Apparently this is the xmas season in the bridal business!  It was sooo crazy, they had 26 rooms with brides & entourages trying on dresses.  I think to many people have been watching say yes to the dress because bringing an entourage to David's Bridal just seemed a little bit ridiculous.  The most expensive dress in David's is probably $2,000, not that that is nothing to sneeze at, Im just saying you dont need 8 people to help you pick out a dress.  Now if I were buying a $10,000 dress like on TV, I would want several key members of my inner circle to be there because after all thats a small car or a down payment on a house.  David's is not set up to handle a group of people per each bride.  There are a few scattered chairs around for grandparents or men who want to sit.  

Oh & yes we totally broke tradition - my fiance and I picked out my dress.  He will not see it again until we get married. All my close family and friends live in different states.  What is even funnier is I told him we were not getting a dress today, just trying them on to see what neckline we liked, if we like more lace, less lace, etc.  I tried on four dresses and we found one we liked and put it on layaway.  How awesome is that that they have layaway?  I thought it was very smart of them.  I believe it was the perfect classic vintage rustic chic dress for us!    The best part at the end I changed clothes came out of the dressing room, hugged my baby tight, leaned into him &  he was expecting a sweet nothing whispered in his ear when I said, "shit just got real."  He literally laughed out loud.  I said sorry I just couldnt help making you laugh.  I love u baby! So excited!

Jan. 1, 2013

Posted by pamela on January 1, 2013 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We rang the New Year in at home where it was safe & sound.  Unless you were an animal and didn't want to wear a new year's hat and have your picture made. LOL  

I wanted a festive and fun picture for New Years so I went to party city and purchased a scene setter background, a "crystal ball" balloon, some party hats for all (including our animals).  Got prettied up, put it all together and wa-la.  We have some awesome fun pictures to remember ringing in the New Year 2013.   You have to have willing participants to go along with your crazy Lucy antics (my poor fiance)  Here is a picture of the stuff I bought for my NYE picture.  Being creative is not always about having to get out the bottle of glue and lots of supplies and take hours making something.  Sometimes it is about using your imagination and putting some stuff together.  Which is what I did for our fabulous NYE pic which I think turned out great!  (look under the about me tab to see the final picture).

I also plan on starting a memory jar today. Next year we will be able to look back on our year by emptying out the jar and going through what we put inside. At the end I plan on making a scrapbook out of what is in the jar.  

Today we went to Anthropologie @ Lenox Mall.  Wow I love that place.  It is waaayyy too expensive for me.  However in the coming days I plan on making my own Anthropologie knock off jewelry holding.  Yep, saw one for $98 and I thought, hmmm I think I can make one.  Of course if you have ever done a craft project sometimes (ok a lot of times) they end up taking a lot more time than you thought and costing you more money. LOL.  But it is lots of fun & hey you made it!!



Last day of 2012!

Posted by pamela on December 31, 2012 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (2)

Today is the last day of 2012 and I am embarking on a new quest.  Yes I must always have a quest, whether it is something in my mind I want to make, something I want to cook, or just a very specific piece of furniture I am looking for at the moment - I must always have a quest. LOL.  

With much thought I have decided to start a website/blog about things I like to do.  Such as creating stuff, making crafts & art, and also my love of cooking and feeding people.  

My plan is to share things I make and post them on this website in blogging about them, pictures, how to, etc.  I love making stuff and putting things together such as my New Years Pictures I am going to be posting soon.  Like tomorrow.